16 June 2014

The Mystery that is Love

The Face of God

We may not see the face of God nor hear his voice,
but we can delight in the wonders of this our world,
our living mirror of a sacred beauty that alone is his.
His voice is heard in the song of ten thousand birds 
and in a roaring waterfall; silent he moves in a breeze 
that riffles through the beach tree’s bronzed leaves.
In his almighty power he rides the skies in the eye
of the storm, yet like new kittens lying secure within
the circle of their mother’s paws, we may safely rest 
in the promise of his tenderness and silken strength.

God’s face invisible, God’s voice unknown, but 
Jesus becomes our paradigm of the loving God,
his teachings marking out our path to paradise,
for he brought to us God’s great commandment:
that we love Him and our neighbour as ourselves.

Tonight the magical stillness of a summer evening 
is broken only by the whispering of lazy waves
and the distant high pitched hoot of a tawny owl. 
Above the bay the full moon hangs softly bright
spreading a delicate path of silver across smoke
blue water, inviting us to look into a far horizon
which, with  Jesus as our guide, will some day 
be the end of our journey.  There, face to face 
at last with God, we may recognise the glorious 
ineffable Mystery that is the essence of his Love.