01 August 2011


A fulmar, high above the cliff top railings, banks and turns
into the breeze, marbled wings slender and delicate,
a mosaic of airy platinum and filigree steel.
Westward he flies across the bay over the shimmering waves gilded
by a burnished amber sun,
and soars into the haze, mother of pearl where the watery horizon
kisses the melting sky and merges into eternity.
For one magnificent moment he is silhouetted shadow dark
against that fiery solar vortex where the souls of the dead are gathering,
and the resurrection trumpets sound.
He is gone like smoke absorbed into darkness unseen,
a silent echo of a song as yet unheard, palpable memory of a forgotten dream,
jubilant spirit into the shining air of a new morning,
unbound and free.

Dedicated to the memory of Dr Jim Fowler, member of the National Unitarian Fellowship, 
died  2011

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